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Your Experience Is
Our Priority.

Unlike older telcos, we never throttle or limit speeds. Instead, the MyRepublic network works on a flexible traffic priority system. This ensures time-sensitive applications – like video streaming – are protected and run smoothly while being flexible for heavy data uses like BitTorrenting.

Our adaptive traffic priority system allows us to stand by our outstanding service promise:

You get your plan’s full bandwidth for streaming, gaming, voice and web surfing 99% of the time.

During peak hour periods, traffic such as streaming gets a higher priority compared to downloads.

Downloads are not capped or throttled. Instead they are allowed to run all day with all the remaining network bandwidth there is — which is plenty, even at peak hours.

More Streaming
More Content
More Choices

Meet the only ultra-fast fibre network engineered for the best video streaming experience.

Ultra-Fast for a Household
of Multiple Devices

Get plenty of speed for all the smart TVs, phones, tablets, laptops and computers under one roof.

Easy Access to Amazing
Global Content

Why wait on cable TV? Get thousands of channels and the best of the web content from across the globe.

Protection from
Peak Hour Buffering

Our adaptive Traffic Priority system means all your streaming never gets compromised during peak hours.

Zero Interference from Downloads and Torrents

Our Traffic Priority system also means your experience is never compromised by others doing heavy downloading.

Engineered for Gaming.
Designed for Winning.


Free from Interference by Downloads and Other Apps

Your online gaming is never impacted by peak hour congestion from other users doing heavy downloading.


Ultra-Fast Downloading of Game Files and Patches

Game files larger than 20 gigs? Time to grab a shower and start playing. We’d be more concerned about your HD space.


Ultra-Low Latency for Maximum Performance

We monitors network routes to major overseas content and game servers, ensuring low latency for popular games.

Latency Monitoring

We get that latency is critical to online gaming. That’s why we constantly track how our network routes are doing. In the spirit of transparency, you can view them too. Customers on our GAMER plan get an additional perk of requesting custom routing, to optimise an individual game’s performance.

Connect with the World from the Comfort of Home.

Best-in-Town IDD Rates

MyRepublic Home Voice offers some of the best rates in town including 6c/minute calls to China, USA and India.

Power Your HD Video Meetings

Video conference calls are among our network’s highest priority traffic, meaning they are uninterrupted even during peak hours.

Simply Bring Your Number Over

Port your existing home phone number over to MyRepublic Home Voice easily with our number porting service.

Learn more about our Voice Services

Faster Downloads
Faster Sharing
Faster Syncing

No BitTorrent Throttling. Ever.

Since the start, our Traffic Priority System allows us to be flexible with our network bandwidth, which means no speed caps for downloads. Ever.

Ultra-Fast Downloads with 1Gbps

Like living life in the fast lane? Even massive files download in minutes when you have the power of a 1000Mbps connection.